Friday, June 27, 2014


It was better than a postcard. Green mountains topped with wispy clouds, blue sky and sea for miles, colorful, stucco houses built into the hillside, narrow roads and walkways winding their way down to a black rock beach, clear water, seafront shopping and dining, an old cathedral, boats floating out past the break... Oh, Positano, you were incredible.

The busy beach in Positano.

A Positano playground. Talk about a picturesque place to take your kids.

One of the winding walkways.

We spent all afternoon out here on the balcony. It was dreamy and so relaxing.

One view from our hotel.

The balcony. Again. It was so romantic and wonderful to sit out there in the sun. Ahhh.

I want one of these for our house someday. I fell in love with tile on this trip. Portugal sealed that love for me.

Lemon trees. There is something so lovely, fresh, yet nostalgic about lemon trees. They had HUGE lemons at Pompeii. I tried the juice and it was very rejuvenating.

So true. And I love the little boy shoes. That is our "Dolce Vita" right now.

Attack of the mini jellyfish. Kent (and I) were going to go in until we saw a bunch of these guys swimming around.